Untitled | Postcards (Film)“, 2013
color, sound, 21′:21” (trailer).
Random succession of images and sound, infinite duration.
Realized on the occasion of the residency at Les Recollets, Paris (October-November 2013) thanks to the support of Dena Foundation, Paris and the of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Palazzo Riso, Palermo.
Sound Design and Random System: Simone Conforti, Firenze
Sound: Massimiliano Sapienza aka Massimo, Catania.

The need to reflect on how a landscape is represented versus how it is presented, to attempt to transform any tendency to catalogue the world into an opportunity to discover a new concept of reality, that is at the heart of the video “Untitled / postcards (Film).” The video’s narrative is based on a random combination of images and sounds. The images are photographs of landscapes, artistic events and places traversed by the artist during the residency, onto which, in some of them, monochrome rectangles have been applied. These colored shapes are exhibition invitations that the artist has collected during the same period and applied onto the images, then covered by oil color, emphasizing certain parts more than others, creating unexpected visions and compositions. The sounds have been specially conceived from the observation of the images.
This video project focus on how we experience, observe and imagine our world. Parisi, as in the past works, radically investigates the statute of the image in order to better interact with the problems inherent to archiving and to the relationship between individual and collective sentiment, placing themselves somewhere between Lucio Fontana’s famous exploration of “teatrini” and Mario Schifano’s series of painted television screens.