The Whole World in a detail (Fabric), 2021, oil on canvas, 130×190 cm each. Courtesy BUILDING Milan, Ph. Leonardo Morfini

The new cycle of works, the monochrome paintings The Whole World in a Detail (Fabric) (2020) – iridescent surfaces created using a specific color application technique that recall the lavish appearance of fabrics represented in Renaissance painting – reflect on the practice of painting and represent the last year of the artist’s career.
This works set out to analyze the importance of the direct experience of vision, which, as the works suggest, is only complete when a balance is reached between concepts such as: observing and perceiving, experiencing and interpreting, figuration and abtraction, male and female, remembering and forgetting. This is an operation that coincides with the idea of identifying a third way, an alternative to the Western dualism of the past century. The theme that constantly recurs in Parisi’s works is color and its reaction to the stratification of time of vision. In his case, color is experienced both viscerally and mentally. This experience encourages the viewer to reflect on the idea of direct experience in an era dominated by digital globalization and the pandemic, which has physically confined people to their own private living spaces, while nonetheless hyper-connected to everything and everyone.

© Lorenzo Bruni, from “The Weather Was Mild on the day of my Departure” press release, BUILDING Milan, January – March 2021