Il problema della condivisione dello spazio disponibile in architettura e rispetto al colore del paesaggio. …e il pulviscolo atmosferico | The problem of Sharing the Available Space compared to the Color of the Landscape. …and the Atmospheric Dust”, 2011
colored smoke, smokestack, dimensions variable

An installation for a residency | exhibition called Madeinfilandia, in the province of Arezzo, Italy, made the temporary community of artists visible in the Tuscan countryside by reactivating the old smokestack, having it emit colored smoke three times a day, with tones ranging from red to violet (the color spectrum). It is a work about painting and the possibility that the perception of color no longer belongs within the act of contemplation (a painting hung on a wall) rather immerses us in the space of shared experience (the atmospherical dust of Leonardo da Vinci).