The works titled “Rilievi (Reliefs)” of 1992 are centered on maps: the artist use to projects on canvas the nautical charts of the Peloponnese tracing the main lines with fingers and clay. In the following years he realizes, using the same technique, other works on transparent supports or directly on the walls of the exhibition room. His interest for the (interior) perception of space is evidenced by the production of sculptures in ceramic and corrugated cardboard (scale reproductions of surveys of real places realized by means of a superimposition of the plans of the place); photographs taken from within the sculptures; a video-installation titled Disegno un cerchioDrawing of a Circle (1995): two monitors, placed one in front of the other, show images taken from the windows of his studio while the audio reproduces the sound of pencil of a sheet of paper in the act of tracing a circle.