Alle ragazze d’Italia! (To the Girls of Italy!), 2021, sublimation printing on 110 gr polyester fabric, embroidery, 3 elements, 250×370 cm each. Courtesy BUILDING Milan, Ph. Leonardo Morfini

Alle ragazze d’Italia! (2021), is a new cycle of works, especially conceived for the exhibition at BUILDING Gallery, in Milan in which landscape images from the artist’s personal archive printed on transparent fabric are embroidered with modernist geometric motifs from a sewing manual. As well as their exploration of the language of painting, what unites the works on show in BUILDING is the desire to analyze the codes that humans use to measure, imagine and perceive the act of traveling through different places, as well as remembering and projecting them. This underpins both the installation of the fabric panels Alle ragazze d’Italia! and the video work Untitled / Postcards (Film) (2013) whose narrative changes continuously in response to software that stratifies, at random, the sequence of images, a process reinforced by the electronic music composed for the work. These two series, though not the artist’s most recent work, have been included in the exhibition to highlight the coherent line that Parisi has been pursuing for some time, seeking out new solutions that open up fields of reflection, both far and near.