Observatorium (Museum), 2008
“Observatorium”, 2004, stack of emptied corrugated cardboard, cm 260x260x305; “Come raggiungere la costa (museo)”, 2008, silver acrylic paint on walls, red fluorescent plexiglas, dimensions variable. “Bench for Everybody”, 2006, stack of emptied corrugated cardboard, two elements, cm 50x260x130 each; “Coast to coast”, oil and acrylic on canvas, two elements, cm 260×520 each. Installation: Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato. Photo: Carlo Fei

Paolo Parisi devised a multi-faceted, site-specific project for the area of the Lounge / Project Room on the Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art ground floor. Here, he has placed accessible sculptures in cardboard, monochrome paintings on canvas and an original ambient installation, taking the circular lobby as the departure point for a reflection on the structure and experience of the work of art. This is a direct encounter between Observatorium (2004), from which the exhibition takes its name, and the permanent installation by Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing #736 Rectangles of Color (1993).

© 2008, Stefano Pezzato. In “Observatorium (Museum)”, 2008, ex. Catalogue published by Contemporary Art Center Luigi Pecci, Prato.