Territori di confine (Bibliografia) | 2003
6 colors off-set print on paper, cm 92×121, edition of 100 and XXX; enameled carved still, cm 92x121x140 (h), unique.

The work entitled “Territori di Confine (Bibliografia)” consists of two parts. Firstly a poster (92×121 cm) depicting a reservoir lake in the mountains. Above the landscape are lines of text and a number of colored dots. While the written text comprises a bibliography of color, beginning with texts of a general nature on the theory of color written by the likes of Ghoete, Rünge and Kandinsky, the individual color dots are annotated with more specialist text references or concrete works of art relating to the colors shown. The depiction of nature is thus correlated with a spiritual and imaginary reference to the world of art and the theory of art; indeed, the abstract is made to confront the real. Parisi placed the work at Ferrera-Moncenisio, a town on the border between Italy and France which has a Museo delle Terre di Confine (Cross-Borders Museum). The poster in question was displayed there, facing north, on a notice board belonging to the local tourist office. It offered of a view of the lake that lies beyond the mountain. Depiction and imagination were thus brought into play.The second part of the work – south-facing and set up at Novalesa’s Abbey, a few mile from the poster and some 1,000 meters lower in altitude – shows a reflective steel plate engraved with the bibliography on color (the same bibliography as the one on the poster). The surrounding landscape is reflected in the polished steel plate.