Untitled (postcards)“ | 2013 — 2014
oil on Museums and Art Galleries invitation cards on ink-jet prints on Canson paper 80grsm; mounted on wood, cm 19×29 each, silver stickers on wall.

Following the residency at the International Centre Les Recollets in Paris, with the support of DENA Foundation and the Riso Museum in Palermo, Paolo Parisi made the Film “Untitled – postcards (Movie)” exhibited at CNEAI, Chatoux, Paris (2013 ); Klaipeda Klaipeda Culture Communication Center (2013), and at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Palazzo Riso Palermo (2014). The Film is based on a new series of paintings “Untitled (postcards)”, and a selection of images shot during the residency in Paris, then projected in random order with sounds conceived by a digital composer (AKA Massimo) specifically for the occasion. The sounds and images are broadcast in random structures, creating sequences and overlaps as a reflection on the temporal composition of moving images made precisely through software that offers visual and audio narrations, always different, in time and space.The new series of work called “Untitled (Postcards)” was divided in 4 cycles of seven images each (the four weeks of the residency) placed at the optical horizon, within a calendar of captions showing the days on which the works were designed, along with chronological descriptions, the place represented, and the title of the event printed on the invitation hidden by the color. It is a reflection on point of view in relation to the experience and communication of art whereby the invitations, through “erasure” with color, re-open the images, proposing new perspectives on the unique and dictatorial authorship of the photograph.