The Plants Breath That Produces Sky (Blues) [Il respiro delle piante produce cielo (Blues)], 2021/22. Piazza del popolo, Peccioli (Pisa).

Wall painting, sound system, temperature, humidity and brightness sensors, plants, DMX RGBW Led lights. Dimensions variable. Concept Audio and Sound Design: Lorenzo Ballerini, Remo Zanin. Ph courtesy the artist.

The work starts from various suggestions: the ascent from below to reach the town above, the virtuous path made so far by the town itself (the effort and commitment towards waste conversion for environmental sustainability) and visual resonances attributable to Benozzo Gozzoli and the physicality of color used to represent intangible elements, such as the sky, in fresco painting. These suggestions led the artist to develop a sort of always-on device that revolves around the presence and mutability of the sky resulting in a work which, beginning in the fifteenth-century frescoes and passing through the modernist utopia of RAL colors, comes down to us as a presence which colors the façade with a disjointed and blurred grid of all the shades of blue included in the aforementioned sample (where you can read color names attributed to the sky, such as: Violet, Greenish, Ultramarine, Sapphire, Blackish, Brilliant, Gray, Blue, Gentian, Steel, Light, Cobalt, Dove, Sky, Traffic, Turquoise, Capri, Ocean, Water, Night, Distant, Pastel). Below the painted facade, in the loggia, light sources radiate at night in the same shades of blue (blues) that resonate with the façade, determined by sensors that listen to the plants above the loggia and that return their “moods”, meteorological and other, which still perhaps, as a human species, escape our perception and comprehension. These moods are actual frequencies that, produced in real time, are returned in the form of sound (inside the loggia), and visually through the shades of blue [(The Plants Breath That Produces Sky (Blues)].