Paolo Parisi
Drops (between red and violet)”, 2005
oil paint between two perforated plexiglas plates, cm 81x180x1,5; fluorescent red plexiglass, cm 30×70, 2 elements.

[…] The change of perception thus becomes a basic principle of Paolo Parisi’s painting. This change is the result of various strategies. A particular colouring of the windows may bathe the daylight in another colour, so that each object located in the environment soaks up this new and different colour. Then after a certain period of adjustment, the eye begins to get used to it and the change becomes the rule, while all the complementary remaining objects are looking for a new colour change and new balance. […] Painting thus becomes a catalyser or impulse. Indeed Paolo Parisi’s painting has something extremely transitory in it. It is a story from an observation point which has seen and accepted the change and the movement, and that in these changes and movements attempts to identify what remains constant, always the same.

Hemut Friedel, from “Paolo Parisi: “Observatorium – Gegen den Strom”, Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, München, Luzern, Periferia, 2006.