Under the Bridge“, 2007-2013

The series of works I made called “Under the bridge”, was inspired by the words of a Red Hot Chili Peppers song.
There are images of the sky over which I draw with a silver permanent marker — and silver is a non-color or all colours because it draws into itself everything around it — other images derived from aerial views of the mouths of rivers: images associated with liquids. Water is then transformed into gas, and viceversa. This also represents: two opposing points of view that converge. As in my previous works: form and content, exterior and interior, experience and contemplation, appearance and substance… are no longer in opposition but appear as a single entity. From the superimposition of layers and points of view an unexpected image always emerges: a birth instead of the potential death of cancellation. (…)

© 2010, the Authors and Flash Art Italia, Giancarlo Politi Editore; in Flash Art 279 | dicembre 2009 – gennaio 2010.