“Casa dell’arte (verde cadmio e magenta)”  | 2003
oil painting (fingerprints) on glass, two elements, cm 300×400 each
Permanent installation, rocca di Carmignano, Carmignano (PO). Photo: Serge Domingie/Firenze

This work tends to activate the pre-existent architecture within the Carmignano fort transforming it into a place for art, thanks to an actual restoration and the placing of an artwork on the outside.
Two monochrome panels — oil paint applied with fingertips on panes of glass — hang on the two adjacent sides at the corner of the building; the rear — the glass — faces outwards “seeking” the largest possible portion of visible landscape.
The two glass panels block two of the four openings. The other two are left open and it is possible to enter and see — together with two portions of landscape (visible from the entrances left open) — the two paintings which fill the door openings, in the attempt to represent the landscape visible from within the architecture.
Inside: a white space conceived for the exhibition of works by other artists.