Inversi, 2000 / 2005

The works titled InversiInverse are the result of a research on the relationship between foreground/background in painting. A relationship which is inverted by superimposing a monochrome layer of acrylic paint on the maps traced with fingers and oil paint. The central idea of these works is that landscape —the traces beneath the monochrome layer— and architecture – the monochrome layer of outdoor paint— can come together creating a single image: form and content, internal and external, experience and contemplation, appearance and substance…. All cease to be oppositions and appear as a single entity.

Furthermore, painting is no longer a frontal experience, but, thanks to the side traces in oil paint and the concealed maps surfacing from under the acrylic, it becomes an experience that stands between painting, sculpture, and fusion of both in the space of the walls. The apparent erasure due to the monochrome layering of colored marks actually shows a new unexpected image: that created by oil painting which, working its way through the layers of acrylic paint, surfaces redesigning new tracks: a birth instead of a potential death by erasure.