Classic Colour Names (Symphony)” | 2007-2013
Off-set print on 40 gr/m2 paper, edition of 500; enameled steel plates, 34 elements, cm 15 x 21 x 130(h) each

This work is conceived in two parts: an off-set print distributed at the entrance of the bothanical garden of Parma and 34 monochromes in shades of green supported by poles set up in the garden in place of the original plates corresponding to the botanical species represented by the colors and their names (fir green, moss green, fern green, etc.). The piece was inspired by the RAL color codes produced in the Weimar Republic in 1927. This was the first attempt in the western world to make “color communicable”: its application to industry meant it offered a new dream of development for the world. This work as well as considering our relationship to landscape, is a reflection on the means we have at our disposal for communicating.

In a subsequent version of the same work, every color plate became a piece of music for a different musician and instrument, playing a symphony of nature. The musicians were asked to played the music inspired by those colors: perceptively (from what they saw) or culturally (from associations, Bach, Mozart, etc.).